1. I think this site is bullshit and someone that makes money for violating someone’s rights. Y’all are a piece of shit and I hope you Choke on your lunch today….

    1. Even though I agree with you, it isn’t actually against their rights. Any arrest is public record, which I don’t think is right because if your wrongly accused and the charge gets thrown out, your reputation is already tarnished from this kinda shit. It shouldn’t be public record until you are convicted instead of just being charged.

    2. Bullshit. This selfish douche put other people’s lives in danger because he couldn’t call a Uber. Fuck his dignity.

    3. A bunch of lovers watching that shit like its a movie ….. get a life !!) You know who u are ..

  2. And why is it that this info needs to be “put out there”! Somethings are none of our business!

  3. Sorry. Steve it’s gotten to where we can’t even have a few beers without spy’s everywhere good luck friend ❤️ that just goes to show us we are all human prayers for the best for you and it’s ok we love you ❤️😘 ❤️

    1. U sound like a fucking dummy if a black dude did it “oh he could’ve kilt sumbody lock his sick black ass up” but wen its yall favorite white person “oh give him another chance” “it happens to this best of them “ like he couldve killed some one yall make me sick

    2. I guess you’ve never had a family member ripped from your life by a drunk driver?and I pray to God you never do because it’s horrific I had it happen to me on 2 separate occasions my mom was killed by drunk drivers the first time then 3 years later my little brother was killed by drunk drivers so I seriously hope this guy calls a cab or a friend next time because the life he might save may be his own

  4. He is only human we all fall and make mistakes just some of us get caught while others do stuff behind closed doors.


  6. Welp. That’s his own fault. Face the consequences. That’s selfish and irresponsible. Doesn’t deserve a second chance🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. Time to stand tall before the man !
    I’ve been there ,It’s not so bad.Just a bump in the road .Good luck with it all bud ,Let’s hear it for second chances . Surely the man will go the leineant way ,for all the positivity Steve brings the community thru the news! I’d say he is a pillar ! Free the Steve!!!

  8. This should never be published. I feel that his personal life is his own. If he was child molester you wouldn’t know he was living next door to you. Because he is a public figure ppl think its funny to put this out there. NOT!!!

  9. It happens in one way or another to all of us! It makes you a better person! And you learn who YOUR REAL FRIENDS ARE! I hope he reads all the positive comments!

  10. Let’s all remember that we have all made mistakes. They probably weren’t published on social media. I hope he gets help if needed and continues his journalism on FOX10. Good luck Steve-I wish you nothing but blessings.

  11. I sure hope he gets a break Steve has been in alot of places and has done alot with the news and he deserves to be be treated with respect. FREE STEVE !!!!!!

  12. Is there really a defense for someone DRIVING drunk? It is ok to drink what ever you want in your OWN HOME (your choice), but is it really ok to DRIVE drunk? How do you defend that? You rightfully can’t. It is NOT ok to PUT others life at risk. DUI is NEVER ok.

  13. Oh so when yall white azz do something “why is this published” “he’s only human” etc. Fuckery yall come up with it….but a black person “he deserve the shit” “throw away the damn key” etc.

  14. This is public humiliation I can’t believe they post things like this SMH We all have made our mistakes Pray God heals his heart n shows him the way❤️🙏🏻

  15. Just think about this Alabama quarterback nfl Super Bowl winner worked at lease 100 charity Functions yet every time he go out to have a beer all the asshole spies call the law on him to get him arrested yet all he wanted to do help kid get a break in sports he was my friend mis you Kenny

  16. well what the police call’s drunk dont really mean your drunk 0.8 bac aint nothing but 2 beer’s how drunk can you get off 2 beer’s its a money thing

  17. Yes fine he done, he paid for it. It’s this stupid ass website that’s got me fired up. I’m not sure how they don’t get Exploitation black mail Extort copy right infringement & a number of other charges! One may say it’s public record but In this case it’s here’s the embarrassing pic of you, now pay $100 if you want it removed?!?! How is that legal! Someone pay these thirsty bottom feeders $100 to get this mans mugshot removed😂
    For all the people that’s so offended with the support this mans getting, it’s bc he’s a public icon so it’s not the punishment necessarily it’s the publicity.

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